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Friday, October 5, 2012

Pashto Singer Gul Panra Biography

Gul Panra one of my favorite singer who has been singing Pashto songs for last one or two years. She is indeed a cute versatile singer. She is being cast for modelling as well due to her beauty. She is busy at both sides Pakistan & Afghanistan. As you might know that Afghanistan is also a popular market of Pashto music. And there are many channels in Afghanistan who promote Pashto music & singers. So Gul Panra is also invited most often to Afghan channels Zhwandoon TV, Shamshad TV & Lamar TV. I was also contacted many times by some officials from Afghanistan who were demanding the contacts of GUL PANRA for inviting her to programs. So you may think how Gul Panra is Famous everywhere. Moreover, she is not only the most beautiful singer but also has a sweet & soft voice. Her voice makes her different than other singers.


Khalid Khan said...

Gul Panra is nice addition to Pashto music scene I think she should become more versatile and sing in other languages like Urdu and I guarantee her voice, beauty and university education will make her an instant star among all Pakistanis and may be Bollywood-- Best wishes to her Khalid Khan-- Attock

Khalid Khan said...

Gul Panra is a nice addition to Pashto music scene(I love her name), I can't speak Pashto I am Hindko speaking Pathan from Attock but i loveher songs, I think her gorgeous personality has a lot to do with it . I think Gul Panra can become famous not only in all of Pakistan but even in bollywood if she becomes more versatile and sings in other languages like Urdu and finally her stunning beauty along with her university education sets her apart from the rest of female Pashto singers best wishes to her-- Khalid Khan